Sun. May 26th, 2024


I realize this is lazy, but I sometimes can’t resist dynamiting fish in a pond.  And for some reason, WP or my server is not allowing me to insert graphics today.  Damn!

From a Facebook rant:


Mois: Fine. Then CHOOSE TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN PRINCIPLES, AND NOT TO GET THE GOVERNMENT INTO FORCING YOUR SOCIAL VALUES ON ME.   A gay couple next door doesn’t affect my property values.   A woman’s right to control her body and reproduction doesn’t affect my stock portfolio.

WingerNutter: “Just like the GREEN BS it shouldn’t be policy or legislated.”

Mois: If you knew your “arse” from a hole in the ground about GREEN you wouldn’t be such a joke. I’ve worked in environmentally-sustainable transportation for the past 9 years, and you’ve never seen such Charlie Foxtrot of corporate interests being shoved down our throats to our detriment.  Paul Zane Pilzer – multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, author and economic adviser to Reagan and Bush 41 and NO LIBERAL – made the point: between 1998 and 2008, American automakers scored virtually zero in areas of innovation involving safety, efficiency and economy, aided and abetted by a Conservative dominated government that sheltered them from increases in CAFE standards and granted them 100% tax credits for vehicles over 6,000 GVW.

In the meantime, our competition, unfettered by the burdens of healthcare, advanced considerably in all those areas, driven by concerns over fuel prices and greenhouse gases.

They ate Detroit’s lunch.

And George Bush’s legacy is eating ours.

Okay, no more WingerNutter posts.  It’s just that George has been so dull since he became a motivational speaker, and we’ve been so sidetracked with the economy and healthcare that we haven’t gotten around to prosecuting and incarcerating any of these Bush Crime Family members.

Vince Bugliosi: Get the jet and convict those bastards!

May the Higher Power of your choice sustain you through these “interesting times”.