Sun. May 26th, 2024

For Once, Rush is Correct, Not Just Right

Art by Stuart Carlson

I saw this quote from The Rush on a Facebook Page for… The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies?

Art by Stuart Carlson
Art by Stuart Carlson

“Well, there’s one thing you can do with all this and that’s make sure you and as many other people as you can find vote. That’s all that it comes down to now, is voting. Very simple. This is a turnout election. It ain’t over. As I said, my gut’s talking to me. This is doable. I sense — can’t tell you specifically — I sense things happening that are making the Obama team uncomfortable and the Drive-Bys uncomfortable.”

He’s CORRECT about two things: it all comes down to voting, and this is a turnout election.

He’s CORRECT about things making “the Obama team uncomfortable and the Drive-Bys uncomfortable”.  It’s called the Palin-McCain “straight slime, all the time” campaign.  Obama’s more comfortable talking about issues than wasting time reacting to the worst political tripe since Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

I’m a cautious optimist.  Based on the state of our economy, the conflict and economic crisis that’s gripping the world, and the decline of our standing in the global community, this should be a runaway landslide away from the status quo toward reasoned change.

Don’t want your taxes to go up?  Then you should have told your government “No adventuistic, jingoist war to drain our troves of blood and treasure.  No deregulation, allowing financial geniuses to shoot craps with our nation’s savings and investments.  No ideological rampages to roll back the supposed encroachment of left wing influence like — social security, marketplace regulation and social beneifts like quality public education and equal access to health care.”

You didn’t stand up for your principles, particularly those of you from the “smaller, less instrusive government is better.”  In this country, when you make a mistake, you’re supposed to pay for it.  Swallow your egos, tuck your questionable ideology in your pocket and step up.  Face the fact that because our administration involved us in a senseless war and let Wall Street run amuck, we’ve compromised not only our own security, but also infected the rest of the world with the virus.

It’s time to face facts.  If you went to the polling booth in the 2000 and 2004 elections and pulled the handle for Bush, you f–ked up.  And you f–ked the rest of us up.

If you can’t stand to vote for change, if your conscience is so atrophied that you think it’s okay to vote for Bushworld Act III, then do the world a favor.  Stay home on November 4 and listen to Rush.  Lock the doors, pad the walls and run around the house screaming.

Because whether it’s a squeaker or a landslide, I firmly believe that November 5 will open the door on a new day and a new world, and on hope for change.  That this country can return to its position as a respected leader among nations and reitre our current image as an aggressive, drug-obsessed windbag, a bully that only wants to play if it can dominate the sandbox.

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And if you’re on Facebook, in search of a horrifying, post-Halloween laugh, visit the The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.  I think Barry Goldwater and Bill Buckley are spinning in their graves to know this is what they’re represented by in today’s world.

May the Higher Power of your choice be your guide as we crack the books, studying for November 4 so we can exercise our franchise in an informed manner and make the right choices for this country.