Sun. May 26th, 2024

‘Should We Pursue Investigations?’ Why is that a question?

Frankly, I am amazed.  We’re nearly 100 days into a new administration and this issue is still being bandied about.  My question is, why aren’t we on the path already?

Vincent Bugliosi’s book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder has been sent out to scores of district attorneys across the nation, seeking one who’s got the cajones to file suit.

Joe Biden promised pursuit of investigations and penalties during the campaign.

President Obama has determined that there may be an opening for investigating the architects of our recently-originated and history-breaking torture policy.

And still, I have to listen to John Boehner ranting on about looking forward.

As they say in Texas: Bullshit.

The same people who don’t think twice about capital punishment or banning abortions or invading the personal privacy of ordinary citizens can’t handle an investigation into the potential wrongdoings of the Bush Administration?


A stained blue dress and the definition of “is” were good enough for them to hound President Clinton, expending $40 million in that abortive pursuit.  An unlawful war, thousands of casualties and hundreds of billions of dollars flushed down a rathole aren’t sufficient reason to investigate the recently evicted president and his minions?


My vote was for change.  And in order to effect change, one must learn the lessons of history.  In order to learn the lessons of history, and to understand how to not repeat the mistakes, we must seriously undertake the investigation of the tragic missteps that have led us to this point of economic, political and emotional disaster, the deepest hole this country has faced since The Great Depression.

I called this blog “The Man Who Broke The World” for a reason.  I believe that is exactly what George W. Bush and his cohorts, proxies and sponsors have done.   I don’t believe it was through negligence or incompetence.  I am certain that it was through design and a blind obedience to a bankrupt ideology.   I think it was driven by a hunger for power and greed.

Since they broke it but can’t own it, I think they should pay for it.  What they’ve done is worse than espionage, a crime that can still carry a capital sentence, if I’m not mistaken.

Should the punishment not fit the crime?

So, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask President Obama, Vice President Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and every District Attorney and Attorney General in the United States to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.  And I’d like to ask every citizen of good conscience to get up off their asses and communicate a clear message to Washington:

Accountability, accountability, accountability.

We cannot move forward until we’ve closed the door on where we’ve been.  If we fail in that resolution, we’re doomed to repeat it.

May the Higher Power of your choice empower the pursuit and execution of justice in this fair land.