Sun. May 26th, 2024

These Aren’t Conservatives

Does your mother know you talk like that? Photo: LA Times Blog

I just have to share with you a “discussion” thread I participated in on Facebook.  It really demonstrates the

Does your mother know you talk like that? Photo: LA Times Blog
Does your mother know you talk like that? Photo: LA Times Blog

intellectual challenge we have in putting this country back on the right track.

The names have been removed, to protect the participants.  I can’t in good conscience refer to them as innocent.

For those keeping score, Me is… me!

TH is woman in Los Angeles who’s a big news watcher, loves makeover shows, loves animal planet, discovery, stuff like that according to her profile.  And from her picture, she does look… big.

RL is a woman from North Dakota.  She hides her profile, but she does have that kind of Marilyn Quale look.

EM is a young man from Orange County with more mouth than sense.  He, too, hides his profile.  His photo looks like Clyde Barrow, looking over his shoulder at the cops pursuing his car.

DB, on whose profile page this appeared, is a man living in Los Angeles who actually works for a media company.  He advertises that he’s not PC.  I’m disappointed he didn’t have more to say, or more positive things to say.  But he didn’t.

The discussion was sparked by a Glenn Beck video about Pres. Obama introducing socialism to the nation.

TH at 9:28am February 6
Like I’ve been saying for years…one syringe at a time! Only those who are capitalist can see it, for those who are already socialist…dont care to see it.

RL at 10:11am February 6trust me ..The liberals DO NOT GET IT.

E.M. at 11:26am February 6
exactly, liberals do not uderstand the fundamentals of socialism.

Me at 3:35pm February 6

Glenn Beck is a tool. :~)Outside of Ollie North, which one of these conservo-pundits has actually SERVED his country? And in North’s case, I think there are some ethical issues (Iran Contra, for example. They don’t say much about that at the Ronald Reagan Museum).

See what an American serviceman had to say to Mr. Beck after one of his more vitriolic tirades about Ron Paul…

I particularly loved the part when this decorated Marine – that’s his own description, not mine – pointed out to Beck that “Seeing as we are both forty-three I think it’s safe to say that while I was serving my country, you were much more busy becoming a drug addict and practicing to become an alcoholic, correct?

Fox News is ENTERTAINMENT mislabeled as news, folks. Treat it as such.

DB at 3:55pm February 6
regardless of what you think about Glenn beck to show a few video about someone that didn’t like what he said and act like the entire military feels the same way is foolish. Second, Fox news is the only news station that actually has NEWS. I’m not talking about Hannity and Bill…they are entertainment. I am talking about REAL news with news anchors that don’t show their bias or even talk about who they will vote for unlike those idiots on MSNBC and CNN that get chills down thier legs when they see Obama.  —— you are simply attacking things from a liberal point of few and not really with any fact.

TH at 3:58pm February 6

I am so sick and tired of explaining to people the difference between the Bias NEWS media and the difference between a commentator and a news anchor…REALLY PEOPLE!!!
EM at 4:13pm February 6
never take advice from a liberal when it comes to political commentators and who to trust… like everything else, they don’t know what they are talking about. watching CNN and MSNBC is like watching Al Jazeera. feel free to buy into the propaganda, i wont. I dare you to watch Fox NEWS for an entire day, lord knows i’ve given CNN and MSNBC plenty of chances to redeem themselves. They disappoint every time. but you’ll notice something, maybe you will become more open minded?! you’ll definitely identify the bias from those two stations.

RL at 4:22pm February 6

I like to turn it to MSNBC and CNN for just a few minutes to get a good laugh. Strap on your depends and take some tranqulizers in order to calm down from what you’re about to hear.I must admit I’m a person who prefers not being lied too most times.. FOX NEWS is the station to watch when you like to hear the truth.
Me at 6:07pm February 6
Okay, for all you media experts and Fox lovers.– Does anyone know what the Fairness Doctrine was?
-Does anyone know what the Financial Interest and Syndication Rules were?
– Can anyone describe the transforming role of the FCC in the wake of their removal
– Does anyone know how the repeal of those regulations have changed and reshaped the media that you see, particularly in the news arena?
– Have any of you viewed news about Iraq and Afghanistan, about the fiscal meltdown, from any news source other than Fox, and perhaps even from outside of this country?
– Do you just assume that anything on Fox is gospel and Al Jazeera is incapable of delivering a weather report that is truthful?
– Is there a reason we can no longer see images of our military dead when they are received in Dover, DE?
– Is there a reason reporters must be embedded with troops that they cover, like escorted, censored reporters in the Peoples Republic of China?
Just curious.

Me at 6:26pm February 6

From the Journal Science, researchers from Virginia, Nebraska and Texas. Liberals…

Political views have been thought to arise largely from individuals’ experiences, recent research suggests that they may have a biological basis. In a group of 46 adult participants with strong political beliefs, individuals with measurably lower physical sensitivities to sudden noises and threatening visual images were more likely to support foreign aid, liberal immigration policies, pacifism, and gun control, whereas individuals displaying measurably higher physiological reactions to those same stimuli were more likely to favor defense spending, capital punishment, patriotism, and the Iraq War. Thus, the degree to which individuals are physiologically responsive to threat appears to indicate the degree to which they advocate policies….

I suspect the RNC is aware of this, since their political advertising makes great use of fear, shock


EM at 6:38pm February 6

I’m no media expert, though i could be, and i’m a fact lover, hence the reason why i watch FOX News. Clearly you don’t. because you if you were a fact lover, which comes with being a FOX News viewer, you would know the answers to all those questions smart guy. i suggest you look it up. and don’t use wikipedia either, thats a user created sourse, people who provide that “information” do so because they have an agenda… like those as CNN and MSNBC, looks like its working on you. and for the couple personal questions, i read constantly and interact with sources all over the world. take your pick between Pakistan, Israel, Labonon. You think you know something because you watch the BBC, thats real cute. FOX is not gospel, there is one gospel, but you wouldn’t know that becuase MSNBC IS your gospel. And you probably get off on seeing dead military members don’t you. if they were alive i bet you would spit on them. is that why you ask? most liberals are not embarassed by their ignorance

EM at 6:39pm February 6

wow, a pool of 46 people, and thats science. you should go make a movie about global warming based on that too!

Me at 7:05pm February 6

That sounds like a self-justifying argument based on circular reasoning. Why don’t you set out to prove that, using an exotic tool called… logic.Did you know the world isn’t flat? And the Journal Science, unlike Fox, doesn’t usually print unsubstantiated bullsh-t?

Your comments about my liking to get off on watching dead soldiers and spit on them are embarrassing and insulting. I grew up in the military. I went to the Air Force Academy with my father, who was a liaison officer. I stood in the draft for the Vietnam war. I didn’t serve, because by then it was clear it was a meatgrinder that wouldn’t be won.

You stated “most liberals are not embarassed by their ignorance…”

Actually, yes we are, and we strive to remedy it; but we’re more embarrassed by yours, because when you inevitably flout it, it reinforces the image of the ignorant, arrogant American.

DB, TH, RL this is one of yours. Does he make your heart swell with pride? I’m done.


EM at 7:18pm February 6

You should be embarassed, so remedy quick. looks like i got to you buddy. enjoy your weekend smothered in hate.

RL at 7:54pm February 6

Boys Boys,
Be nice to liberals.
Yes he is right. Lets be logical about this whole thing. Lets examine this frustrating thing called liberalism.
They drink the Kool Aid and they believe. It’s not there fault they are like this. It’s all in the DNA and early brain development.
We do now this about liberals. Most were bottle-fed, not breastfed. Ahhhhh poor things.
They got ripped off right from the start. Now they want to rip us off subconsciously.
They don’t even realize what they do and why they do it?
Early childhood nutrition is VERY IMPORTANT for normal brain health.
We also know many of them were heavy pot smokers, acid dropping hippies from the 60’s? The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Then we find they were over vaccinated. Ahhhh
.I’m guessing there was a high incidence of their Mothers using strong drugs during childbirth to ease pain too. Thus resulting in a phenomenon we now see as LIBERALISM. The problem is the DNA damage gets passed on thru the genes??

EM at 8:07pm February 6

ahhh, yes… i just did a 12 person study and the results concluded that most liberals in the study did not react to gunfire or bombs going off due to their overuse of drugs (mostly recreational) and childhood over innoculations, which results in their zombie like docile behavior.
I bowed out of this Charlie Foxtrot.  I’ll probably “de-friend” DB, not because I don’t like him, but who needs to have this crap thrown in your face, day after day, while the country is perched on the edge of the abyss?  I guess I should know better than engage these people.  And I do have some remorse for taunting EM, who clearly is a few cards short of a full deck.  But I am an optimist, and I do hope that sometimes, if you can keep talking with people, maybe try to have a little fun, you can make some headway.

Clearly, I was mistaken and the job of putting this country back on track after 8 years of Bush is going to be tough.  That’s no reason not to take on the job.  It’s a task worth tackling.

What’s more disturbing is the level of malice, hatred, disdain and disgust these “conservatives” have for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  Their tendency to ignore issues and arguments, and just go for the groin.  If a dog behaved like that, Animal Control would probably euthanize them.  Here, in this great country, they get to vote.

There’s no self-examination, no question of whether the other person might have a valid point.  There’s no doubt and no curiosity.  That’s frightening, particularly when you consider we had one of those for the last 8 years with a nuclear football within reach.  That’s almost as scary as a terrorist with a suitcase bomb.

I have friends who are conservatives, military, law enforcement, and we’re capable of reasonable discourse.  They’re smart, decent people, and I think they percieve me in the same way.  We can argue, disagree and not even think of stooping to personal attack or derogatory language.  We accept our differences and let it go.  With respect, and affection.

Maybe it is the Internet.  This is social media.  It’s sort of like booze or grass: you get braver or less inhibited.  At least I hope that’s what it is.  But I have a sneaking suspicion these people would be pretty much like that if I met them face to face.  Just as mean-spirited and lacking in self-awareness as they were online.

All I know is that if I ever meet EM, one of us better have a great dental plan.

May the Higher Power of your choice gird your loins for the battles ahead.  They’re clearly going to be doozies.