Sun. May 26th, 2024

Where’s ‘Not-so-curious George?

Where’s George?  He isn’t in the news much, and I’m guessing the GOP is thankful.

Even so, people a half world away – well, a quarter world away from George Bush – are noticing and commenting on our beloved President.

The Edinburgh Evening News notes that… 

“AMERICANS will see the benefits of a £397 billion financial rescue package, but it is the “beginning, not the end” of a solution, President George W Bush warned today.”  The story goes on to note Pres. Bush’s conention that “the government acted ‘boldly’ and took ‘decisive action’ to stop the crisis on Wall Street spreading across the country, as the lower house of the US Congress eventually passed the Bill by 263 votes to 171 yesterday.”  This is good, since for the past 8 years, any decisive action by this Administration has been in the wrong direction. 


I heard a rule about relationship breakups, that for every year you’re in a committed relationship, it takes two to get over it.  This should make people think once, twice and thrice about their choice before they pull the curtain on the voting booth in November.  Note that I said “should”.

On a lighter note, when VP candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin were asked by SeeBS’s Katie Curic to name the best and worst things that the incumbent vice president, Dick Cheney, has done over the last eight years, the answers seemed to reflect a contrast between the candidates.  Imagine that!

The Los Angeles Times noted related the following:

“Biden was substantive. Citing Cheney’s approval of torture and his fierce defense of the president’s prerogative to make unilateral decisions without consulting Congress, Biden said Cheney had ‘done more harm than any other single elected official in my memory in terms of shredding the Constitution.’ As for praise, Biden cited Cheney’s strength under duress, saying, ‘I admire his willingness to take positions that are completely contrary to popular opinion.’  (Editorial comment: or are diametrically opposed to any moral stance based on commonly accepted human values)

“Palin was not as policy-oriented. Citing as Cheney’s worst moment the ‘duck-hunting accident’ in which he accidentally shot his friend Harry Whittington, Palin, who hunts animals with rifles from airplanes, explained that the accident ‘was made into a caricature of him, and that was kind of unfortunate.’ (Editorial comment: the huge time gap between incident and reporting to authorities for investigation might have been considered “excellent time management” by the aspiring Veep, who seems determined to follow in Cheney’s footsteps, just with a larger carbon and societal footprint.)

“As for his best achievement, Palin, whose oldest son has just deployed to Iraq, said Cheney has ‘shown his support along with George W. Bush of our troops.’

(The Los Angeles Times,

I thought she was asked about Cheney’s best achievement?  I guess this was practice for the “give them any damn talking point you think of when asked an uncomfortable question” technique she used effectively in the VP debate.


“Where’s George,” we ask.  Laying low, and gone soon. 


Where was he when we needed a President?


May the Higher Power of your choice smile on you and yours today, and give an eye to putting the world back on the right track.