Sun. May 26th, 2024

A Father’s Day Question: Where’s George, and What’s Up in Iran?

Mike Scott,

George Bush’s profile is lower than an armadillo’s belly.

Mike Scott,
Mike Scott,

My searches and alerts to keep up to date on what the world-breaking ex-POTUS is doing brings up nothing more interesting than historical references and quotes from the past.  I guess he’s hunkered down in Der Fuhrer Bunker in Der Dallas.  Right next to the Armadillo Republic capital of Waxahachie.

Since this is Father’s Day, a day I observe with relish, I will make this post short by referring readers to an article from that, while not elegantly styled, draws some interesting parallels and makes interesting observations between the situation in Iran – past and present – and the Great Election Robberies.

When Dubya stole elections, Democrats threw up their hands after wringing them mightily.   In Tehran, they’re taking to the streets and paying a price for a liberty they don’t even have yet.

Food for thought.  The fight goes on every day.

May the Higher Power of your choice make this a happy and memorable day for you.  Rest well, and take up the battle for American Democracy again tomorrow.