Sun. May 26th, 2024

No Warranty on Defective “Bush World”

As the economy and the job market have collapsed around us, and nations around the globe are wondering “WTF!?!?”, it’s my sad conclusion that there is no warranty protection for us on the defective Bush World we bought.

Well, we didn’t exactly buy it.  It was foisted on us by a manipulated election and a jury-rigged Supreme Court scenario, aided by a confused and indecisive Democratic team under Gore/Lieberman.  And it is tempting to wonder what THAT ticket would have been like (see the New York Times,

Nonetheless, the American public accepted the damaged goods without examining the fine print.  And despite the fact that the FINE PRINT HAD BLOWN UP TO ABOUT 857 PT. SIZE BY 2004 and the writing about Dubya was on the wall for all to see, we bought it again.

Some might say we deserved everything we got for being that stupid.  I don’t agree.

It’s on the record that the whole march to war was rigged, intelligence manipulated, just as surely as we got railroaded into the Spanish American War (and some would say WWII as well), the White House beat us into the war in Iraq.  Beat us like a rented mule, and we scarcely even brayed in protest for the first year or two.

Then we woke up.  We were ineffective in taking action and by that point there was little anyone could do.  But at least we were awake.

Now, we need to hit the caffeine, scarf down the No-Doze and stay awake long enough to demand the kind of investigations and inquiries that will make it crystal clear who did what, with or to whom, when and why.

Truth and reconciliation commission?  We don’t need no stinkin’ truth and reconciliation.  We need the Truth about why thousands of Americans have died, tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis have died, and why hundreds of billions of dollars got flushed down the rat hole with them, into the coffers of privateers, contractors and drug lords.  Why the people who crafted this Charlie Foxtrot, promising it would be a cakewalk paid for by the Iraqi oil revenues, aren’t in jail or roasting on a spit someplace.  Waterboarding is too civilized for these people: it’s time to bring back the rack, and break them on the wheel, draw and quarter them and spread their body parts to the far corners of the realm, as they did with William Wallace.

Alas, there’s no warranty on Bush World.

We bought it.  They broke it.  But it’s up to us to fix it.

As one vulture said to the other, “Reconciliation my ass.  I’m going hunting for blood justice.”

Okay, I know I’m going overboard.  But considering the loss of blood, treasure and respect this nation has endured, I can’t understand why there isn’t a groundswell call for truth, justice and a little retribution for those who dragged us into this donnybrook.

And on that fanciful note, may the Higher Power as you know her guide you through these turbulent times with grace, certainty and equanimity.  Help is on the way, help is here, and with faith, we’ll get to the other side of this pit of despair.